Church Membership Spreadsheet Template

church membership spreadsheet template

In order for a church to function to its full potential, a pastor and his staff must know its members. Everyone who enters through the doors of your church wants to feel important, loved, noticed and remembered. The Church Membership Spreadsheet Template will help you keep all of your members’ information organized.

Sending a birthday or anniversary card shows a member they are important to you. An e-mail reminding your members of an upcoming event or prayer request help you connect to people quickly in the digital age. The Church Membership Spreadsheet Template will help you to keep all of this pertinent information at hand in one document.

How to Use the Church Membership Spreadsheet Template

  • Download the free Church Membership Spreadsheet Template on this page by selecting “download”, and then choose “save” or “open.”
  • Fully customize the Church Membership Spreadsheet Template by entering your members’ information.

Tips for Using the Church Membership Spreadsheet Template

  • Each cell will expand as you type in it. If a member has a long address, or several children, the cell will continue to expand as you type and you will be able to view all of the information.
  • If you would like to further customize the template to fit your churches’ informational needs, simply select the cell to the right of “birth date” and enter a new heading.
  • Sort your information by last name. Select column “D”, and then select “data” on your Excel toolbar. You can then select the “sort” option and sort your data in ascending or descending order.
  • Quickly find any information you are looking for by holding down the “ctrl” button on your keyboard and then selecting the letter “f.” A box will pop up and allow you to search for any information within the document.

This template can be a great asset to pastors and church office workers alike. It can greatly increase productivity and efficiency because all of your church members’ information is contained in one document. Because the document is fully customizable, you can make it fit your churches’ needs for collecting data that is important to your ministry.

church membership spreadsheet template

Download: Church Membership Spreadsheet Template

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