Church Program Template

Church programs are handed out every week before the service begins. Some attendees glance at the program for only a few moments as they follow along, while others take a few minutes to read every word. This free, simple, and organized church program template allows for sharing as much information about a service as you would like. Share different details and updates every week, allowing both first time attendees and long-time patrons to stay informed.

How to Use the Church Program Template

  • Begin by clicking the green “Download” button to the right of the church program template preview. If the Microsoft user’s agreement pops up, read the terms and conditions, then click “agree.”
  • Once you have downloaded the template, open the file.
  • Microsoft Word will open the file, allowing you to customize this free template. It is completely customizable, with inside panels for your weekly program schedule.
  • Personalize the front cover with your church name, which is displayed underneath beautiful graphics and a bible quote.
  • Customize the back cover by simply filling in the necessary information, or create additional sections for any other details you would like to provide about your church.
  • Use the inside sections to list the events taking place during your service in chronological order. This includes the opening, sermon, prayers, songs, and the closing.

Tips for Using the Church Program Template

  • Update this church program template every week in order to express what sets your church apart from others, as well as to convey messages and provide visitors with knowledge about your church.
  • Don’t clutter your program with too much information; keep at least one line of space between each listed item on the page. This makes the program easy to follow.
  • Use the back cover for any additional information you would like to provide, such as upcoming events and prayer requests.
  • Additional information may be written on the inside of the church service bulletin if you have at least half of the second page remaining after customizing your church program schedule.

Download: Church Program Template

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