Class Roster Template

One of the challenges of teaching is keeping track of the names of your students. This is especially the case if you are teaching a new class and have not made introductions with everyone yet, or if you are a teacher juggling multiple classes of large quantities throughout your weekly schedule. To help you keep track of attendance, maintain student contact information, and general memory of student names, use this handy class roster template to help you out.

The Class Roster Template comes pre-designed with a light blue layout titled “Student List”. Following this is the roster itself which is listed from left to right by name, email, home phone number, cell phone number, and date of birth. All the text is changeable so you can add in the appropriate information or even change the title of the roster.

How to Use the Class Roster Template

The Class Roster Template is extremely simple to use. After you have downloaded it to your system, simply open it with a compatible Microsoft program such as Word or PowerPoint. When you have the file opened, you can add in the names of your students alphabetically, followed by their contact information. If you so desire, you can even add an additional column or more to keep track of each student’s attendance.

In the case of a situation where you might need to contact the student directly, you can simply pull up your roster, find the student’s name, and have their information ready to go.

Using the class roster is extremely simple and will save you a trip to the school supplies store. You can download the template straight to your computer with absolutely no cost. After adding all the information of your students to the roster, send it to your printer and you can have your roster all ready for use on the same day of the download. It’s entirely free, simple, and you can do it all within the convenience of your own home office. Download it today and have it ready for your next class session.

Download: Class Roster Template

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