Classroom Seating Chart

The beginning of the school year is fast approaching, so you will want to stay ahead of your students by staying organized from the start. An easy way to learn the names and faces of your new class is to assign seats to each student. A classroom seating chart is a great way to get yourself and your students into healthy habits to start the school year off right!

How to Use the Classroom Seating Chart

  • First, use one of several easy ways to organize the seats in your classroom to reflect the way it looks from the front of the room. A well-assigned seating chart can make role-taking short work.
  • Second, set the custom property sets for each student’s seat to store important information pertaining to each particular student. Some important information may include allergies, special assistance, or prior excused absences. This information may be crucial for substitutes trying to take control of classroom procedures.
  • Third, get to know your students! Download the free classroom seating chart now, and as you become familiar with your class, edit information or rearrange seats as the year goes on.

Tips for Using the Classroom Seating Chart

  • First, set your classroom up for success! Decide the best way to arrange desks to facilitate thoughtful discussion and learning. Some styles can include classic rows, Socratic groups of four to five, or theater style curved seating.
  • Second, start to familiarize yourself with the names of your students. You may want to assign seats beforehand to help form the structure of the classroom, or wait for students to choose their own. The downloadable classroom seating chart will allow you to change seats as you get to know your students, and their personal styles.
  • Third, download and save this classroom seating chart for future changes, and for future classes! A structured class lays the foundation for the rest of the year. Staying organized will help keep the class on track, and will show your students the level of dedication you provide and expect in return.

Download: Classroom Seating Chart

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