Cleaning Business Recommendation Letter

The Cleaning Business Recommendation Letter can help you take your cleaning business to the next level. This is your chance to show customers the excellent customer service you’ve already provided for others. Simply use this document with the permission of another customer to introduce new clients to your new clients. People love a strong background and having the positive reviews of a previous client can really take you to the next level. You can even customize this simple Cleaning Business template to highlight all your strengths and how you break the mold when it comes to your competitors.

Cleaning Business Recommendation Letter Guide

Clicking the link at the bottom of this page will download the free file directly to your computer.

Now that you have the document, you can start to see how easy it will be to change the Recommendation Letter to suit your business. Start by changing the information at the top of the page to fit your own address.

Now for the tough part, the pre-written letter is great but you may want to change a few things around to make it more personal and no one knows your business quite like you.

Start to go through the three paragraphs and change or add any items you feel will really convey your business philosophy and anything else that might draw in a possible new client.

Remember that all the area that is bolded need to be changed. This is included to help you find exactly what you have to change as quickly as possible in case you don’t have time to personalize the document.

When you are completely done filling out the document or personalizing it, you can print it off. You will simply click “File” then “Print” at the top of your screen in the Home ribbon.

Once you have your document in hand, find enthusiastic clients that will endorse you and have them sign the document on each line given. When you are talking with a new possible customer, you will have this letter to vouch for your claims of quality service.

Download: Cleaning Business Recommendation Letter

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