Cleaning Schedule Sheet

The Cleaning Schedule Sheet is the perfect way to get back on track this year for your spring cleaning. There’s no better feeling than having your entire home clean. It gives you a certain sense of achievement that enables you to continue with a productive day. This template gives you a convenient way to organize all your cleaning duties so you can get them done in the fastest and most efficient way possible. By planning your cleaning schedule in advance, you can spend the rest of your day doing the things you truly enjoy.

How to Use the Cleaning Schedule Sheet

After downloading the template to your computer by clicking the link at the bottom of this page, you can easily start to customize the document to fit your own household.

There are three main columns. The first (column A) is where you will mark the task has been completed. In the second (column B) is where the title of your task will go. You may also enter a short description in column B as well. In the final section (column C), you will leave yourself any relevant notes you think will help you accomplish the corresponding task.

There are plenty of examples to get you started. However, If you want to change any of these examples, you simply click the cell you want to change and start writing your new item. It’s really that simple.

There are two ways you can use this template. You will either keep everything digital or leave it all on your computer or you can print the document and fill everything in by hand. Both methods have their up and downsides. To print the document, you will just press “File” (at the top) and “Print” from the menu that appears.

Life can get a little messy but now the Cleaning Schedule Sheet is here to help you organize the mess into more free time.

Download: Cleaning Schedule Sheet

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