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Joining a club is a great way to enjoy a hobby while interacting with like-minded people. There’s clubs for almost every kind of hobby and pastime out there. Some people give it a shot and join these groups to learn about and take part in a certain activity to broaden their horizons. These clubs often require a fee to become a member. These membership fees are needed to help maintain activities as well as facilities. Owners and administrators will find that their job will be a lot easier with the free Excel Club Dues tracker. It doesn’t matter if the due is a one-time thing, annual, or monthly, the Club Dues Tracker will assist in the record-keeping involved in keeping track of club dues.

Using the free Club Due Tracker

The due tracker template is a convenient and easily accessible tool that everyone will find uncomplicated. Let’s get started using the due tracker.

  • Once you open the spreadsheet, the Dues Tracker worksheet will be shown first. A graph will be at the top of the page and more detailed information will be below it.
  • You can enter member information in the second worksheet titled “Dues Payment Details.” Click that tab to enter payment details for each member of the club. There are names listed to show you how to use the club due template. The date that the due was paid as well as the amount will be entered here.
  • After entering due payment details, go back to the first sheet in the workbook. You’ll see that the graph at the top of the sheet has been populated and changed with the new dues details. This visual feedback will help you determine if anyone has overpaid or hasn’t paid enough.

Club Due Tracker Tips

Customize the tracker to meet the needs of your organization. Instead of a plain old title, enter the name of your club. Even better, go ahead and insert an image or logo. Personalizing this tracker template is a cinch!

Download: Club Due Tracker

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