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The Microsoft College Costs Calculator

Every parent wants their child to go to college and be a success in life. College can be an expensive endeavor, and many people worry about what the costs will be, and if they will be able to afford the expense. Knowing what the costs are estimated to be can help you plan and save for college expenses. The College Costs Calculator can help guide you through the steps of estimating what the cost of college will be in the future, based on current trends. This estimate can help you plan and save for college expenses for the future, and make sure your child is covered when it comes to their college expenses.

How to Use the College Costs Calculator

  • The College Costs Calculator is available for you to use, free of charge, from our website for your personal use.
  • The calculator template is easy to use, helping you estimate your future college expenses quickly and easily.
  • You may download the calculator template to your computer, right from our website.
  • The downloaded template can be customized to fit what your anticipated college needs and costs will be.

Tips for Using the College Costs Calculator

  • Do one of these Calculator templates for each child that you are planning for. Then they can have their own individualized and customized template for their future college cost planning.
  • A little research will be needed, if you do not know the current cost of college expenses. The current costs are used to estimate future costs, based on current trends in college expenses.
  • You can include any tax savings or benefits that are including in saving for college, when budgeting out your expenses.
  • The amounts will be automatically calculated for you, making it easier to use complicated math needed to calculate the future needs of college.

Planning for college is an important step in every family’s future financial planning and health. The College Costs Calculator will help you realize how much money will be needed, and how much you will need to be saving, to successfully save for a college education. Be prepared and ready for future college expenses by using the College Costs Calculator.

Download: College Costs Calculator

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