College Expense Overview

Keeping expenses to a minimum in college can be difficult. You want to have fun and get an enriching college experience but at the same time you know student loans and mortgages are right around the corner. The College Expense Overview can help you have both. By maintaining a simple budget plan, you will easily have the funds to start saving and have a little fun while at school at the same time. The only thing you need to do to stay up-to-date is to enter your income and expense in the indicated areas and the template will calculate your totals and monitor your spending for you.

Using the College Expense Overview

The free template is made available to you by clicking the link provided at the bottom of this page.

The template is made up of a single page with multiple tables. You will find spaces to enter your incomes and expenses. Start by going through the entire document and changing the examples to items that are common for you.

To change something, simply click the desired cell and enter something new. The template will automatically erase the previous text for your new material.

The red table is where you will enter your incomes. These can include grants, salary, scholarships, money from parents, etc. The blue table below is for recurring costs like rent, utilities, food, etc.

You can also include school costs in the orange table to the far right of the template. This is typically used for “Tuition, books, and other school supplies.

Finally, the template will take all this data and display it in a few ways. The last table of the document shows you your expenses vs. your income. You can also see helpful graphs with the same information to the left of the page.

Now you can plan for your academic future and have money to enjoy college life. Just download the free College Expense Overview template to get started.

Download: College Expense Overview

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