Commercial Invoice Statement Template

Commercial Invoice Statement Template

Many small businesses find it better to issue their own invoices in business-to-business situations rather than paying for and relying on a third party. The Commercial Invoice Statement Template is an effective way for businesses to quickly create invoices for purchases.

How to use the Commercial Invoice Statement Template

Download the template from the link below and open it in Excel. The front page is the template for the invoice to be filled out. Going down to the bottom of the page, select the tab that says “Settings”. If you are having multiple people filling out invoices and want to ensure it is done in a uniform style, this is where you can adjust the required information needed for an invoice to be sent out. You can select “Off” to have these settings ignored.

Move back to the “Invoice” tab and begin by putting your company logo in the upper left corner. From there, everything can be filled in for the sale. The “Amount” in the purchase lines is automatically calculated based on unit prices and quantity. At the bottom, enter the “Tax Rate” and everything else will be filled for you. If there is an additional charge, utilize the “Other” box.

The last part to customize is the “Terms of Agreement” at the bottom. Make sure to not leave this area blank.

Tips on using the Commercial Invoice Statement Template

  • Keep digital and physical copies of all invoices for at least a full year.
  • Always fill out the template digitally to avoid fraud or tampering. Send the digital and printed copy to the consumer. This will also help you avoid any illegible handwriting problems.
  • Utilize the Settings tab for teams of people. It can be frustrating to consumers if they are getting different types of invoices for the same purchases throughout the year.

Download the Commercial Invoice Statement Template


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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