Company Holiday Party Invitations

Is it getting close to that time of year again? Do you have a Company Holiday Party that you are responsible for? Well, we can’t do much with helping to get it set up but Microsoft has developed a convenient Company Holiday Party Invitations template which is available for download for free right here on this page! It will definitely help make your task easier when it comes to checking the invitations off your list.

Using the this Company Holiday Party Invitations Template

Once you download the Company Holiday Party Invitations on this page you will open it up in Microsoft Word 2013. This download can be opened up on a Windows Computer or a Macintosh. The Company Holiday Party Invitations is very basic, but allows you to customize it to fit your Company Holiday Party needs.

What you want to do for customizing your Company Holiday Party Invitations is:

  • Select the company name and change this to your company name (Adding a logo is easily done as well by selecting your logo and dragging it into your document. You can also click on the menu and choose to add your logo that way as well)
  • Highlight Cordially invites you and you can change that to anything you want. (This can also be left as is obviously)
  • Click and highlight “Annual Holiday Party” and change this to the name you have given for your holiday event. (The text size, color and font can easily be changed to better match your theme or wording)
  • Click and highlight the Date and change that to the date of your scheduled event
  • Choose and select the time and just like the date update this to the correct time of your event (You can leave off the time it ends if you prefer as well)
  • Highlight the Address of your event. This is also a good place to add any instructions. For example, if it is a gate that has a password in order to get in; a formal event and dress code; any additional guests that can be invited, etc.
  • Highlight and select the RSVP information and update that as needed (Be sure to include the date that they need to RSVP to in order to hold their reservation.) This can also be left blank if there is no need to RSVP

This Company Holiday Party Invitations template is a great way to help get your event started and keep your invitees well informed and in style, but it can easily be changed out to another graphic or color scheme if you choose.

Download: Company Holiday Party Invitations

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