Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Sheet

Organizing your cleaning schedule can be pretty difficult but you need to be prepared for spring cleaning season. One way to make every year much easier is to keep a schedule that helps you keep your house tidy and guest-ready every day of the year. The Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Sheet helps you organize your daily, weekly, monthly, and season chores into one convenient document. No more guessing at when you last cleaning the kitchen tile. You now have a way to achieve maximum efficiency in your cleaning routine.

Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Sheet Instructions

To start your cleaning journey, you’ll first need to have the template available on your computer. Click the link at the bottom of the page to get started.
Now, you will begin to fill out all the sections of column B. In the “Daily section of the template, list all the chores you need to clean on a daily basis. This usually consists of dishes, laundry etc.

Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything at first. There are multiple examples of common chores provided for you already.

Next, scroll down to the “Weekly” section. This is where you will enter all the chores that need to be performed on a weekly basis. Anything that is too tedious to accomplish each and every day might be better suited to this section.

Just as you did with the previous two sections, you will enter items for the “Monthly” and “Seasonal” sections as well. Make sure that the items you list are appropriate for the section. You don’t want to take out the cat box every month; you’d need to do that at least once a week.

When you complete a task with the set timeframe of the section, feel free to enter or write a checkmark in the box to the left. If you have any notes to help you accomplish a task, just write that in the “Notes” section to the right.

You can master the spring cleaning season by downloading this template today.

Download: Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Sheet

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