Comprehensive Wedding Budget Template

Comprehensive Wedding Budget Template

It’s no secret that having a wedding is costly. When eloping is out of the question, prepare to budget your heart out to get the wedding of your dreams. The Comprehensive Wedding Budget Template is an extensive but easy Excel form to track all of your wedding costs, from the dress to the music to the final clink of the champagne glasses.

How to use the Wedding Budget Excel Template

The template can be downloaded using the link below and opened in Excel. The extensive layout covers every possible wedding expense for you to track. Begin by entering in your wedding date in the top right corner. This is all you need to do in the green right section, as it will fill in automatically.

Move onto the left two columns which cover everything from the invitations to salon appointments. Begin at the “Apparel” category and enter in the “Estimated” cost for each accessory and clothing piece. If you already own something, such as wedding shoes, enter zero under the estimated. Then, once you actually purchase each piece, enter the real cost under “Actual”. In the column next to each number, the template will show you if you are over or under your estimation and by how much. At the bottom of the category, the total amounts will be automatically calculated for you.

Continue doing this for each category, filling in the estimations for everything and then the actual costs once you receive them. When all of this is entered, move back over to the green right side column. The top part will have your days remaining until the wedding day shown. Below that is your Wedding Budget Summary. Each category has been condensed to show you the exact amounts for Estimated costs, Actual Costs, and if you are over or under your budget. Below is a piece chart that shows where money is going. You’re finished!

Tips on using the Wedding Budget Template

  • Avoid entering the “Actual” costs until you have paid or been given the official statement of cost. Otherwise, your entire budget can be thrown off.
  • Consider eloping if you look at these numbers and totally freak out.
  • Create two templates if the costs are split between parents and the bride and groom. This way, each party knows what they are paying for and how much to budget for.

Download the Comprehensive Wedding Budget Template


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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