Comprehensive Weekly Meal Planner

The trick to sticking with a new diet is repetition and organization. These two concepts get you into the mindset and routine of your new meal plan, giving you a greater chance of staying with it and losing weight. This simple template allows you to enter the specifics of your new diet and easily transition from filling out the document to living your life without having to remember all the extraneous details of your new meal plan. Everything you need to successfully stay on track with your diet and get into shape is available on this simple Meal Planner.

Comprehensive Weekly Meal Planner User Manual

Start by going to the “Daily Meal Planner Setup” tab to enter the information corresponding to your unique diet plan. In the top right corner of the tab enter your target daily calorie intake and your daily amount of fat from food you want to limit for yourself.

The center of this page is where you will enter meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the day. Simply go through the pre-written list and enter you food items and their caloric/fat information. You can also enter your calories and fat separated by each meal. Your meals are separated by different colors in the far right column of the tab.

The “Weekly View” tab gives you a convenient overview of your progress so far, in the form of a graph as well as the trends for each meal over the course of a week.

The rest of the tabs are color-coordinated and represent 1 day of the week. For each day, go through and fill out all of your dietary information and the food you ate. All of this information will be calculated into the “Weekly View” tab. This will give you data to show where changes need to be made in your diet.

Why Should You Use the Comprehensive Weekly Meal Planner?

By analyzing the trends in your eating habits you can easily view and change the negative habits and increase your chances of accomplishing your goals in an efficient manner. There is no better way to meet your weight goals than by monitoring your diet and adjusting it to fit your body and schedule.

Download: Comprehensive Weekly Meal Planner

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