Top 5 Requirements For Conference Rooms

screenshot of the conference room scheduling template

The following are the top 5 requirements for conference rooms.

1. Natural Daylight –

If you want your delegates to be alert throughout the day and contribute intelligently then ensure that the conference rooms you choose benefit from ample natural light.

2. Air-Conditioning –

Stuffy rooms for conferences can breed tiredness. Make sure the room is fully air-conditioned to combat poor contributions from your delegates. A centrally air-conditioned room can bring comfort to the delegates.

3. Spacious Rooms –

Avoid over-crowding and ensure your delegates have enough space to move and breathe. Lack of space reduces ventilation and ultimately causes tiredness. Spacious rooms can certainly bring more energy to the delegates.

4. Equipment –

Dedicated rooms for conference should come equipped with data projectors, screens and flip charts. Dedicated conference venues should include the equipment in the delegate rates, so make sure you shop around for the best deal to save cost on equipment.

5. Proximity –

Make sure the main conference room is in close proximity to the syndicate rooms, business center and areas such as the restaurant and lounge. No one wants to waste precious time negotiating their way through endless corridors or traipsing halfway across the venue to enjoy a coffee break. The above requirements on conference rooms are crucial to the success of every conference, training course or event. Use these points as a check list and it will most definitely contribute to the productivity of your attendees and ultimately improve the return on investment.

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