Consult Invoice Template

Invoicing clients can now be simple with the Consult Invoice Template. This document is a free source to upload your business and client information and print it out fast and easy. The best part about this template is that it will do the calculations for you. You’ll conveniently list your business information and save the document to your computer. From there, you can quickly list each client as they come to you and bill them for your services. This template is specifically designed for consultants (of any degree) to list their charges and the various fees that clients may not be aware of. Download this template for free by reading the proceeding instructions.

Consult Invoice Template

As stated above, the first thing you will want to do is enter your business name and contact information at the top of this page. This will save you time later because you won’t have to enter your contact information over and over again with each new client.
When you’re read to enter a client’s information, you can list a specific invoice or work order number, along with the date.

In the space below (with the orange and blue squares), you will enter your clients contact information and the address.

The rest of the document is simply where you will enter your services and the individual fees for them in the far right column of the page. There is a section for hourly fees and another section for service charges. You can decide how you want to split up your fees.

In the last section of the document, you can find all the charges you’ve entered thus far, displayed in one sum total. This is the final price your client will be paying. You can also edit and add a nice message in the bottom left-hand corner as a sign of gratitude for your many clients ahead.

Top Features of the Consult Invoice Template

  • Calculations are done for you.
  • Space for personal business logo.
  • Reusable for new clients.

Download: Consult Invoice Template

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