Corporate Email Signature Template

Free Corporate Email Signature Template

Email has become the standard form of communication in today’s corporate environment. Signatures at the bottom of the email not only provide valuable contact information, but also convey a sense of image on behalf of the employee. The reader’s perception of an email can be strongly influenced by the quality and appearance of the signature at the bottom. With the transition to electronic communication, the stylized corporate letterhead has been replaced with email signatures. A professional email signature can be created easily using the downloadable Corporate Email Signature Template. With a few simple modifications, anyone can be sending email with a clean, professional image.

How to Use the Corporate Email Signature Template

  • First, download the template onto your computer. The template is free to download from this page and is customizable.
  • Next, customize the Corporate Email Signature Template with your personal information. The top line has space for your name in a large, visible font. Your position, company, and company website address, if applicable, are entered into the second line. The third line contains contact information and has space for a phone number, email address, and links for Linked In. The final line contains the corporate address.
  • Finally, paste a professional photo or logo into the space to the left of the signature.

Once the Corporate Email Signature Template is complete, it is ready to be saved to your email and utilized for email communication. Outlook has a menu where signatures such as the Corporate Email Signature Template can be saved and included by default on all outgoing email. This template can be easily modified as necessary to include additional information or exclude portions that are not relevant.

Tips for Using the Corporate Email Signature Template

  • For a professional environment, only include information that is appropriate for the workplace.
  • Make the template eye-catching by modifying the color or font of the name, but ensure that the name is legible before using a font. Font colors can be adjusted to match a corporate color scheme.
  • Use only professional photos or logos in the template. Conservative head shots or corporate logos are recommended.

Download: Corporate Email Signature Template

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