Cost Tracking Template

Microsoft's Cost Tracking Template

Every business owner knows the importance of keeping track of their expenses. Expenses also determine the amount of profit made which ultimately is the measure of success for any business. A cost tracking template is a great way to keep up with everyday expenses. Using this template is simple. It can be downloaded directly here. Once it is downloaded to your computer you can alter it to suit your individual business needs. You can make your own custom cost tracking template within minutes.

How to Use the Cost Tracking Template

Just click on the download button. Once it is downloaded it is ready to use. Open your new template in Microsoft word. Click on the heading if you want to alter the heading. When you are ready to put your information in the boxes you just click on the space and type.

If you need to add additional columns just go to the end of the last box and hit enter. Once you enter the amounts in each category another visual aid is produced. A vertical bar showing each individual amount will be produced. Anyone viewing the table can easily identify and compare the different costs in each category.

This is a great time saving visual aid. This makes the template very readable. You can use this in meeting to review your expenses with others.

Utilizing the Cost Tracking Template

You will soon find that tracking your expenses in individual areas will help you reduce your expenses. You will be able to categorize your expenses and look over them to determine see where the most of your money is spent. This template is also great for cost comparison. This particular cost tracking template has several visual aids including a pie chart.

By comparing expenses you can find particular methods of reducing them. You can compare three different types of expenses for two different products. This template cost tracking template includes administrative, direct and indirect expenses. This gives you several different individual areas that you can compare to make necessary changes.

Download: Cost Tracking Template

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