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Free Coupon Template

Coupons and sales promotions are one of the easiest ways to bring customers through the door, and provide a valuable opportunity to keep them coming back. Many businesses use this same technique, however, so the goal is to stand out. Some hire graphic designers, but this can take weeks and cost more than expected. By creating promotional material yourself, using tools like a coupon template, you can bring the sale to your client in minutes without added expense. This free coupon template is completely customizable, and its professional look will provide an eye-catching advertisement for your company. The easy to use format can quickly promote your next event, and every one that comes after it.

How to Use the Coupon Template

  • First, enter the identifying aspects for your business. Be sure to include important contact details such as company logo, address, phone number, and email. Consider additional features such as a company slogan.
  • Second, fill out the specifics of the event. This can include the reason for the event (EX: end of the year blowout), type of sale (EX: buy one get one free), or promotion (EX: autograph signing).
  • Third, enter the additional details, such as when the sale will end or exclusions (EX: “only marked merchandise”). These are in smaller font, but should be easy to read for the convenience of both customer and cashier.

Tips for Using the Coupon Template

  • If you have multiple steps or points, bulleting keeps them organized and easy to read.
  • Consider adding something to represent where the coupon has been distributed from. When collected, valuable information can be gained about what locations are the most successful for advertising.
  • Save separately after entering your company details. This will allow you to fill out the template for your next promotion even more quickly.
  • Restrictions such as ‘one per customer’ allow you to avoid abuse, and can encourage multiple visits if a client has acquired more than one coupon.

Customers follow the sales, especially ones that are advertised in a memorable and professional way. By downloading this free coupon template, you’re one step closer to your next successful promotion.

Download: Coupon Template

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