Crime Scene Template

In or out of the courtroom, tools to help investigators, attorneys and jurors understand a crime scene are essential parts of today’s criminal justice process. Accurately identifying scale, position, facing and line of site can be key points of evidence in any case. Using updated versions of the crime scene shapes available in Microsoft Visio 5.0 and Microsoft Visio 2000, this Crime Scene Template allows you to easily customize a finished product to help communicate the pertinent facts before or during trial.

Provided in the template are a small sample site, reference points for small, medium, and large-sized site pages. Text blocks, scale symbols, and many new shapes for creating Visio drawings to depict crime, accident, or incident scenes are included in this Crime Scene Template.

How to Use the Crime Scene Template Visio File

  • First, download and open the template as you would any other Visio file. It is available free on this page, and easy to use.
  • Second, select the site page (small, medium, or large) that will best fit your needs.
  • Third, remember the template is fully customizable. Use our built in Crime Scene Template shapes to layout the pertinent points of evidence as necessary for your courtroom presentation.
  • Fourth, use text blocks and scale symbols to delineate salient facts, distances, and measurements within the site page.

Tips for Using the Crime Scene Template Visio File

  • First, layout the graphical elements first. This way you can format the site page so that it is large enough, yet proportionately scaled so that there is enough room to allow for the proper labels and text blocks.
  • Second, use common sense when labeling items. Use abbreviations that easily make sense to any novice examining the drawing for the first time.
  • Third, be sure to have the Crime Scene Template reviewed by all parties involved in the investigative process to insure accurate portrayal of the evidential facts.

All crimes have facts. This Microsoft Visio Template can help people visually relate to events of a crime more easily than simple vocal testimony.

Download: Crime Scene Template

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