Cyber Monday Price Tracker

Keeping track of all your Cyber Monday deals can be quite the long and tedious process. If you think about it, it’s easy to stumble across a thousand deals a day from the comfort of your own home by browsing for online sales. You may even forget some of the ones you really wanted to use just because of the sheer volume of information that passes through your head during the holiday season.

The Cyber Monday Price Tracker is meant to help with that problem. This simple template document allows you to keep track of all that information and pull it up when it becomes convenient for you. Download this free template by clicking the link below and follow along with the instructions to learn how to use the Cyber Monday Price Tracker template.

Cyber Monday Price Tracker Description

The free template gives you a place to enter the lists of stores, a place to create email messages for people you know and share the deals, and the main page to put it all together for the ultimate organizational tool for holiday savings. You’ll simply start by creating your list of stores then using the main table to write the details of your coupons/deals. If you feel the need to spread the holiday savings spirit, you can create customized messages to send out to friends and family that outline the details of a specific sale.

Using the Cyber Monday Price Tracker

  1. The first step is to fill out all the stores you’re interested in tracking for the holiday season. You will create your list simply by clicking in a new cell and entering the name of the store in the “Lists” tab at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Now, let’s create a general email to send out to friends and family by clicking on the “Email” tab. Here, you will enter a subject, message, and your regards in the spaces provided.
  3. Now, go to the “Cyber Monday” tab to start entering the details of a sale for each item you have your eye on.
  4. Go through the list and for each item that you find a sale, enter the corresponding information that is listed in the first row of this page.
  5. When you have finished, you will have the option to send an email to someone for a specific item on your list, simply by clicking the “send email” button at the end of the template.

Download: Cyber Monday Price Tracker

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