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Daily Expenses Tracker from MyExcelTemplates.com

When looking for a cost-culprit to attribute to our financial problems, most Americans tend to be somewhat predictable, with rising gas, grocery and housing prices receiving most of the blame.

But although certain immovable expenses do account for a significant portion of wallet-thinning, they’re not near the only expenses that chew holes into our pockets. More often than not, it’s those seemingly insignificant buys that do the most damage overall.

According to a recent report by Accounting Principals, the average U.S. worker spends roughly 40 bucks on lunch a week. And that figure hasn’t even begun to trickle in the Starbucks black hole.

And with so many daily expenses going unseen beneath our noses, it’s crucial for individuals and families to keep close watch on their overall spending habits. And with the Daily Expenses Tracker from MyExcelTemplates.com, users can track, manage and highlight key financial factors.

How to Use the Daily Expenses Tracker for ExcelDaily Expenses Tracker from MyExcelTemplates.com

The Daily Expenses Tracker, while extremely effective, is a surprisingly simple tool to leverage. All users need to do is:

  1. Log, date and detail every single purchase possible. The daily expenses tracker spreadsheet contains designated areas for purchase amounts, as well as many miscellaneous notes that may apply.
  2. Configure how much money that is being allotted to specific categories. These kinds of categories include car , charity, media, medical and school expenses – to name a short few.
  3. Take the time to highlight any glaring expenses. Be sure to highlight these specific categories, as they will inevitably lay the foundation for your future financial plan.

Tips for Making Slashes on Your Daily Expenses

  • Consider opting for a homemade lunch at work or school. On top of being significantly healthier, brown-bagging your food can save you a serious chunk of change each week.
  • Separate fixed from variable expenses. Are there any ways to cut back on, or virtually eliminate, any variable expenses? Perhaps you have access to the internet on your phone, and can do without a connection at home.
  • Integrate carpooling and public transit as much as possible. Although gas is somewhat of an immovable expense, it can certainly be avoided in many situations. Consider chatting coworkers about possible carpooling situations, or find any close bus routes in your area.

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