Daily Nutrition Checklist

Free Daily Nutrition Checklist

Healthy diets maintain our bodies and minds. Tracking the number of calories we take in, water we drink and proteins we consume can be difficult to remember day to day. This task becomes a bigger challenge if you are following a restricted or doctor recommended diet. Our free downloadable Daily Nutrition Checklist template helps you remain on track with your diet plans. This free downloadable template is designed to assist you in calculating your daily intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and water consumed. Tracking your daily intake of foods and liquids provides a visual log, guiding you on your quest of healthy nutrition.

How to Use the Daily Nutrition Checklist

  • Download and save a copy to your computer.
  • Enter the current date in the field on the top left of the template by clicking on the calendar icon and choosing the correct date.
  • Next, in the first column, check the box next to each meal you consume, including any snacks.
  • Enter the appropriate figure in the second column labeled ‘Protein’; enter a figure for each meal eaten that day.
  • Continue entering the current day’s figures in the next columns labeled ‘Carbs ´and ‘Fat’.
  • In the far right-hand column, enter the amount of water you drank by checking the box next to the appropriate number. Entering the cups of water as you drink them throughout the day prevents you from forgetting exactly how many cups of water you consumed.
  • When the day is over, total each column by adding each column and entering the correct total below the corresponding column.

Tips for Using the Daily Nutrition Checklist

  • Add additional rows in each column by placing your cursor at the end of the desired row and pressing the ‘Enter’ button one time for each additional row needed.
  • Change the font and font size by clicking on ‘Home’ located on the upper left of your Daily Nutrition Checklist then choosing the font from the drop down menu. Changing the size is completed by selecting a number from the drop down box located to the right of the font choices.
  • Save a copy of our free Daily Nutrition Checklist each day of the week, print, and review as needed.

Fully customizable to suit your needs, download a free copy from our website today and begin tracking your daily nutrition intake.

Download: Daily Nutrition Checklist

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