Democrat Poll Tracker

The Democrat Poll Tracker is your new way to stay involved in this year’s election. The purpose of the democrat poll tracker is for you to track the progress of the democratic presidential candidates and enter the latest polls into the free template. People sometimes lie but numbers don’t. You can list as many pollsters as you need to predict the most likely democratic candidate for 2016. Don’t be left behind this year when you’re friends have all the latest figures. Show off your knowledge by downloading the free template today.

How to Use the Democrat Poll Tracker

The template is made to be as simple and straightforward as can be. Start by listing the pollsters you want to follow in column A. You will list all the polling stations that you trust and hold in high regard. You can find their latest figures on their website and simply copy and paste the results in the correct cells.

The next column is where you will list the dates for the latest polls. Next, for the pollster simply enter the start and end date of those polls/projections. You want to make sure your template is up-to-date and this column makes it much easier.

Finally, enter the candidates for the democratic primaries in each of the following categories. The 2016 candidates have been listed for you; all you need to do is enter their polling information in the coinciding cells that match the “Pollster” column.

You can also choose to customize the document if you want to add certain features, like calculating averages, totals, and much more.

If you want to have an accurate account of the year’s polling results for the democratic polls, the Democrat Poll Tracker is the best tool to organize all this information in one place. It also gives you the opportunity to make well-informed estimations of the person that will take the Oval Office next year.

Stay informed by downloading the free template today.

Download: Democrat Poll Tracker

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