Easy Budget Template

Are you ready to face off with your expenses this month? Well, to prepare you for the battle, the Easy Budget Template makes it simple for you to track and manage your income and expenses by listing your most important recurring expenses in a straightforward way. All you need to do is go through your list each month and fill out your income and expense information. The template will take care of all those time-consuming calculations, leaving you with more free time. Download the free template below to get started.

Easy Budget Template Instruction Manual

The first step to finally working down your debt or eliminating it completely is to organize an effective budget. Download the link below to receive the free Easy Budget template.

Open your new document and enter the current month at the top of your screen. Below the date, enter all your sources of income. This can be anything from your salary/wages to those of your significant other. Anything that contributes to your household’s income will be entered here.

The next step is to enter all your recurring expenses in the section below your income. Start by listing the most important expenses, such as the mortgage or other large bills and as you make your way down the list, start to include fun things to budget, like entertainment (movies, games, etc.). It’s important to leave a little room in your budget for fun.

When you have all your expenses and income entered into the document, the calculator will provide you with a comprehensive total at the bottom of the page. You can see the totals of your income, expenses, and the difference for the entire month.

Now you can take the time to play around with your income and see where your money can be better spent.

Download: Easy Budget Template

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