Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template

Free 2014 Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template

One of the many aspects of doing business is keeping track of employee records. These records do include pay and pay rate, they also include medical leaves, traveling for the business and other absences. Keeping track of these records can be a daunting task without the right tools. One way to make keeping track of employee absences easy is by using the employee absence tracking Excel template.

How to Use the Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template

Using the template is simple and easy. It is also free. The individual simply needs to download the template available right here on this page for free.

Once the template is clicked, the individual can then customize the template to look the way that they need it to look. The name of the company, and company phone numbers and address can also be added as a banner or a footnote.

The individual using the employee absence tracking excel template can also add columns, rename, and change font sizes. Once all the individual touches have been added to the template, the individual can then choose to print the template out, save it, or email it.

Tips for Using the Employee Absence Excel Template

When accessing the template and working on modifications to the layout, one may want to change the font colors or sizes. This is easy to do with the simple tabs that can be clicked on once the template is on your screen.

The company may want to save the template to the hard drive of their computers. This will make it quick and easy to print out whenever it is needed and to type in the name and ID number of the employee the record will be generated for.

Another good tip for using the employee absence tracking Excel template is to keep a backup of the records. Some companies choose to use an electronic backup, while others print the individual records out and then save them in file cabinets for ready access.

Every company has to keep records, so why not do it with the employee absence tracking Excel template.

Download: 2019-Employee-Absence-Tracking-Excel-Template

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