Employee Benefits Survey

Many businesses find use in employee benefits surveys. They take in a summary of how employees feel about their work, and the rewards they are given for working, and aid in providing these employees with benefits that either already fit their needs, or can better match the necessities in their lives. Many business owners, however, are unsure exactly how to set up an employee benefits survey to meet the most of its functionality. This free template allows us to simplify that for you, providing you with all the needed information.

How to Use the Employee Benefits Survey Template

This template, free on the page, comes with a clean design that is easily comprehensible, and easy to use. With a simplicity style, there is very little excess formatting, which makes the whole of this design easily customizable to either the business owner, or whomever the business owner has tasked this template to. Very few items must be changed from the original document; The logo section, the area requesting the name of the employee, the employee benefits survey will be returned to after having been filled out, and the date by which it must be returned.

If any other customization is required, such as color, font, or text size, nearly everything is uniform, and the small amount of color or deviant text makes this look not only professional, but incredibly easy to professionally change to match to company colors, themes, or font styles.

Suggestions For Using the Employee Benefits Survey

  • Deliver the employee benefits survey to all employees, and inform them any situation or benefit they might be unhappy with cannot change if these forms are unfilled.
  • Remove sections that may not apply to your business. If your business does not offer paid time off, for example, do not keep it in the form. This will only be confusing for those that work for you.
  • While the form is easily modifiable, avoid excess themes or over stylized fonts; such can be difficult for many employees to read.
  • Take what your employees have to say in the employee benefits survey into consideration for possible changes to your policy.

Encourage employees to give additional comments for anything that may not have been previously mentioned. You never know what they have on their minds.

Download: Employee Benefits Survey

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