Employee Contractor Checklist

The Employee Contractor Checklist

How do you determine whether to hire an employee or use them as an independent contractor? Here is an easy way to find out. Just use the Employee Contractor Checklist. This easy to use checklist will help you make that determination. It is a quick, easy to use, free way to get this job done.

How to Use the Employee Contractor Checklist

  1. Determine the status of every factor on the Employee Contractor Checklist completely for each potential employee or contractor.
  2. Compare the results for each person to the fields on the Employee Contractor Checklist
  3. Whichever column has the most matching responses is how the person should be classified.
  4. Get the correct paperwork to the employee or independent contractor.

Why Should you Use the Employee Contractor Checklist?

Determining the which status a worker should be classified in can be difficult. It is important that they are classified correctly for tax and payroll purposes. This is an easy to use checklist that will make this determination quickly. It is free to download right on this page. This checklist is also customizable to fit your own business needs.

Tips for Using the Employee Contractor Checklist

  • Make sure to include all factors of the workers job when you customize the checklist
  • Carefully think through your answers for the factors in the checklist. If you are wrong it can throw off the entire checklist.
  • Make sure that you use the checklist for every worker. Having even one worker categorized wrong can complicate your payroll or taxes.
  • Save the results for each worker so that they can be reviewed at a later time.

This checklist can be applied to almost any business in any industry. It can save both time and money for both you and your company as well make things easier for the workers.

Download: Employee Contractor Checklist

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