Employee Exit Interview Template

Free Employee Exit Interview Template

Businesses with happy workers tend to perform better than businesses with unhappy ones. One great way to create positive working environments is to conduct an employee exit interview for anyone leaving, which will allow you to gather valuable information. The best way to stop employees from leaving your company is to find out why they’re leaving in the first place. With our easy-to-use employee exit interview template, you’ll be able to find out why employees aren’t satisfied enough to stay.

There’s a tendency for resigning employees to simply state that they’re leaving for ‘personal reasons,’ a formal exit interview is a great time to sit down and tease out the specifics. The employee exit interview template is available for free on this page. Your employees are the ones who have the true insight into what it’s like working for you, and the exit interview will be the best place for them to be honest about it.

Using the Employee Exit Interview Template

Our employee exit interview template is fully customizable. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of it:

  • Sit down and ask yourself what the potential reasons are for why an employee might leave your company. Does the employee feel their skills are being properly utilized? Do they have clear focus on what their goals should be? Is the workload causing them to sacrifice their family life? Once you’ve found out, add it to the employee exit interview template. An idea of why one employee is leaving can give you insight that will allow you to prevent others from doing the same.
  • An exit interview is a good opportunity to bring up any confidentiality agreements they’ve made with the business, specifically if they’re going to one of your direct competitors
  • Having a standardized employee exit interview template will allow you to schedule exit interviews quickly, in case the employee decides not to give you much advance notice.

Employees are the key to operating a successful company, the best way to attract high quality, long lasting talent is to ask them, directly, what you can do to make the job even better for them.

Download: Employee Exit Interview Template

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