Employee Performance Review Template

Performance reviews are a healthy way to engage an employee on what they’re doing well and what they can improve. Every Fortune 500 company uses a review system to improve productivity and acknowledge the great work an employee does. Performance reviews are simply an amazing tool for any business or non-profit organization.

How to Use the Employee Performance Review Template

Download the file below, and select an easily accessible location on your computer. Click on the file containing the review to open the template. When you have the file open, you can start editing the Employee Performance Review and customize the information to better suit your organization.

The simple structure of the template allows you to easily customize the document to fit your own personal business model and illustrate the expectations of your employees. For convenience, the review is formatted into a checklist, so you can easily go through the information you want your employee to know.

In the left-hand column, you can edit the review template to illustrate any values you want your employee to improve, or just compliment them on the ones they’re doing exceptionally well on. All you need to do is mark the boxes as you go!

Once all of the information has been properly formatted to suit your organization, you are ready to print the document for the new hire. By clicking “File” in the top left corner of the page, and then selecting “Print”. If you want to see how the page will look press “Print Preview” instead.

Main Points of the Performance Review Template

  • Checklist format makes the review process quick and simple.
  • Design allows you to comment on anything noteworthy at the bottom.
  • Gives you helpful examples of review items throughout the template.

Download: Employee Performance Review Template

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