Employee Performance Tracking Spreadsheet

employee performance tracking spreadsheet

Keep track of your employee’s performance and growth with thisĀ Employee Performance Tracking Spreadsheet. Type the details in the employee performance review or print it out and manually fill it out. Download this Employee Performance Tracking Spreadsheet today! The Microsoft Excel template is absolutely free courtesy of MyExcelTemplates.com!

Using the Employee Performance Tracking Spreadsheet

Using the performance tracking spreadsheet is simple and easy. The spreadsheet will open up in Microsoft Excel. Once opened, you can begin putting in the basic information such as the name of the employee, the department they work in and who is conducting the review. A great feature of the employee performance tracking spreadsheet is that the date will automatically change to today’s date once opened in Excel. You will manually input the date of the last review.

There are four grades you can give an employee for each respective category: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor. You will grade each employee in several categories, such as honesty, productivity, work quality, attitude and initiative. You can add or remove categories based on the needs of your company. Once all the grades have been handed out, there is space for any additional comments either you or your employee needs to make.

Finally, have the employee sign the document, followed by the reviewer and the employee review is complete.

Conducting a performance review has never been easier thanks to the employee performance tracking spreadsheet. The Microsoft Excel template is just one of the hundreds of templates, tools and spreadsheets available on this site. These free tools are designed to help make your life just a little easier.

employee performance tracking spreadsheet

Download: Employee Performance Tracking Spreadsheet


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