Employee Personal Information Form

Free Employee Personal Information Form

Organization is essential to running a successful business. Having easy access to important employee information through the use of an employee personal information form makes organization simple. Using a downloadable template cuts cost and time and streamlines the paperwork you’ll have to retain for each employee. This Employee Personal Information Form provides an easy-to-locate place to find job information, personal information and emergency contact information for each employee.

How to Use the Employee Personal Information Form Template

The employee personal information form in this template is free to download and print for your own business needs directly from this page. Because it is customizable, you can add original information fields that makes this form unique to your company. This easy-to-use employee personal information form template makes creating a professional-looking document simple.

Using your specific company information, fill in the customizable fields of the template and save the file. Important items to include would be a company logo, address, phone numbers and email address. Your company’s mission statement could also be included here.

Next, set up fields for information that you want to have readily available for each employee. At a minimum, include fields for their name, address, phone number and other contact information such as email address. You may want to include a place for emergency contact information so that will be easy to find.

Tips for Using the Employee Personal Information Form Template

  • Include fields for previous employment and both professional and personal references in case you need to verify any employment information.
  • Include fields for their current job title and description for easy referencing.
  • Because this employee personal information form may be the only location of employee emergency contact information, make sure that section is easy to locate and use in the event of an emergency.
  • Be cautious when including fields requiring employee information such as their social security number because this information is private and confidential and should not be readily available to all your employees; that information may be best kept in a different location.

Download: Employee Personal Information Form

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