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A thriving business is a growing business. Along with increased revenues, a growing business has increased paperwork as a result of increased payroll. Keeping track of payroll employees requires keeping a log of who is on the payroll. This log contains personal information of employees and requires safeguarding. Using the employee profile template for Excel helps businesses to accomplish both of these tasks.

How to Use the Employee Profile Template

  • First, gather the information the business needs to track. The template includes the ability to include a photo for visual reference. Be sure to take that photo before starting the template.
  • Second, start to enter the employee information and photos one at a time. The initial process could be time-consuming. Therefore, remember to save the Excel spreadsheet between each employee. Doing so prevents the record keeper from losing too much information should the computer crash.
  • Third, maintain the employee profiles. Regularly review the information as the employees increase in responsibility within the company, leave the company, and join the company. This step helps to keep a business owner from having to repeat the first two steps.

Tips to Using the Employee Profile Template

  • First, remember to be mindful concerning who has access to the employee profile template. The employee profiles contain sensitive personal information such as contact information and Social Security numbers.
  • Second, institute security procedures to regulate who has access to the template because they contain sensitive personal information. These measures can include allowing only senior administrators to access the profiles and password encrypting the file.
  • Third, as an added layer of protection for the employees, do not collect any more information than what is necessary to run the business. The less information collected and stored, the less information that can be potentially stolen from a business in the event of a security breach.

A growing business with employees needs to track certain details of its employees. A growing business also needs to safeguard the information it tracks. Appropriate use of a free employee profile template from myexcelltemplates.com can assist a business of any size in accomplishing both of those tasks.

Download: Employee Profile Template

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