Employee Referral Form

Often the best way to source vacancies in an organization is through the referrals of existing employees. This process saves on advertising costs as well as employment agency expenses. Our Employee Referral Form is free, very easy to use and completely customizable. It is downloadable here for your use.

Once the Employee Referral Form has been customized it will have the appearance of being unique to your organization. You are able to add fields as you wish so that you can capture the necessary information.

How to Use the Employee Referral Form

  • Begin by adding the corporate logo as well as address, including city, state, phone number and e-mail address. Review the document to ensure that it has a professional appearance and save the file so it can be used again
  • Outline the hiring guidelines of your organization. For example, if the referring employee will be compensated for a successful referral and what the requirements are for receiving compensation
  • Add the fields required to capture the referring employee’s personal information, such as name, department, e-mail address and phone number
  • Consider adding a field for relation to the referring employee, if pertinent (i.e. family member, spouse, friend)
  • Add a field to obtain the necessary information of the employment candidate, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address and current employer
  • Finish the Employee Referral Form with a section for Office Use, to track when the form was received, if the candidate was contacted for an interview, if the candidate was hired and if any compensation was paid to the referring employee

Ideas on How to Successfully Utilize the Employee Referral Form

  • It is critical that all pertinent information is captured so that a decision about contacting the candidate can be made
  • Be sure to add a field requesting a resume of the candidate is attached
  • Be sure to let your employees know that you appreciate their referral. A line such as “We thank you for your referral. Qualified candidates will be contacted by our Human Resources Department” shows gratitude

Frequently the most qualified candidates come from referrals from within your organization. This Employee Referral Form is free, professional, easy to use and downloadable here for your use.

Download: Employee Referral Form

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