Employee Status Report

Free Employee Status Report

A great way to keep information on employees to share with other management departments is by using an employee status report. On this report you can record important details for all employees in your company to track such information as the goals for the employee, actions to be taken, accomplishments made, and also any concerns.

The template available on this page is free to download and easy to customize. It is a great way to share certain information with other people in a management department that need to keep informed on the progress of the work performed by their employees. You can quickly have your own professional looking employee status report personalized with details pertinent to your company.

How to Use the Employee Status Report Template

  • Download the template for the employee status report to your computer and save it in any folder of your choice.
  • Find the file and open it to begin editing the text fields with details according to your needs. There are several areas that you can customize.
  • You can edit the company name, insert a logo, and then fill the rest of the text areas with the name of the employee, the department they are in, and the manager.
  • Other areas include actions that need to be taken, goals that a manager has for the employee, and accomplishments made. It also provides space for date due and status or progress.
  • Another area that can be useful is the text field to enter any concerns about the employee that should be made aware by management.

Tips for Using the Employee Status Report Template

  • Since the template for the employee status report is easy to customize, you can enter other information that can be helpful to track such as absences, warnings, any training completed and more. Simply customize it with details you’d like to see on the report.

The template can be used numerous times and can be printed out to send by mail or fax. It can also be used electronically, saved and shared by email or a file sharing service that is used by management only.

Download: Employee Status Report

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