Employee Termination Checklist

Free Employee Termination Checklist

The Employee Termination Checklist is used by an employer to ensure that they have completed each task required in the process of terminating an employee. The checklist can be used for an employee that was either terminated or quit on their own. This helps make the employees departure from the company a smooth process and they are able to get their last paycheck. The company keeps this checklist on record just in case they have to go back and review the reason for the termination.

How to Use the Employee Termination Checklist

  1. After downloading and saving the Employee Termination Checklist to your computer, open the document using the Microsoft Excel program. Once the document opens up, type in the employee’s full name, the date the list is being done and which department the employee was hired for.
  2. Once you are done with the top of the checklist, you may want to check off the list for items that have been returned. This lets the company keep track of what has been return and what if anything remains to be returned.
  3. The next process is checking off what has been completed. For example, if the exit interview was completed.
  4. The next step is to put any comments concerning the reason for the employee’s departure.
  5. The final step is for the supervisor to sign the checklist. The Employee Termination Checklist is free to download and easy to use. It is also customizable and free to download here.

Tips on How to Use the Employee Checklist

  1. First, the company can add or delete the returns checklist to fit a list that best represents the company. On the return list you can add the company’s uniform or a USB.
  2. Be sure that the complete list includes all the process that is typical for the company. This can include disconnecting of a computer log in username and password, a company email, and the removal of their name from the staff’s phone list.
  3. Third, the company may want to insert the company’s logo. They can also add a letter head.

The Employee Termination Checklist is very useful for completing all the requirements of a termination. This also helps to keep the company’s procedure on termination up to date and it ensures that the company’s procedure and rules are being followed properly when terminating an employee.

Download: Employee Termination Checklist

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