Employee Timecard

Employee Timecard Template

The employee timecard is the backbone of any pay-by-the-hour job. An employer needs to know exactly how long someone worked in order to pay him or her the proper wage for the time on the clock. Fortunately, thanks to technology even small businesses and relatively low-tech setups can set up a simple employee timecard template that makes professional life that much easier for everyone involved.

What an Employee Timecard Template Does

This template is a relatively simple thing to use. The employer simply opens the template, clicks ‘Save As’, and fills in the dates that the timecard will be good for. This is typically a stretch of dates for one week to two weeks. Employees simply fill in their clock in and clock out times, and the template does the math. The end result is an employee timecard that is filled out properly and which has all of the heavy lifting done without the need for any extra equipment or complicated fees. As long as an employer has a computer that can run an up to date version of Microsoft Excel, then he or she can create simple, easy to read timecards that make sure everyone gets paid on time and without issue.

Employee Timecard Template: All of This For Nothing

There are alternative solutions for making sure that all employees get their timecards filled out properly down to the second. However, these solutions tend to be geared towards companies with a huge number of employees. There is no reason for a smaller business, especially one that may only have a handful of hourly employees, to invest in a complex system for punching and marking timecards when something simple will do the job just as well.

Additionally, most people already know how to use a basic Excel spreadsheet. The template is simple to understand, and it’s free on top of being simple to use. Records can be kept with the click of a mouse, and backed up with ease onto a flash drive or external hard drive. For a business that wants to work smarter instead of harder, this template represents the most basic solution to the problem of keeping track of time. As long as employees are entering their proper times into the template, then everything will go nice and smooth.

Download the Employee Timecard Template from Microsoft Office: Employee Timecard

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