Employee Training Tracker

Free Employee Training Tracker

The cost of training employees can be quite expensive. One way that these costs can be kept to a minimum is to have a plan set forth before beginning the training process. Using an employee training tracker template can help to reduce costs, be more efficient in the overall process, as well as document training programs the employee completes. These templates can also aid in keeping track of when refreshment training is needed.

How to Use the Employee Training Tracker Template

The first step is to download the template from this page. The template is free to access, free to use, and free to print or download, so make as many copies as are needed.

The template also allows the individual to fashion it as they wish. One can customize the fonts, colors, and even the appearance of the template. If one wishes, they can add pictures, banners, as well as personal information on the final document. This makes it the ideal template for using in the employee training tracker process.

Tips for Using the Employee Training Tracker

Keeping extra blank documents on hand are always highly suggested. This will allow for the replication and use of the template whenever the need arises. Having spare documents on hand will also allow the company to offer copies of these records for auditing purpose, ensure quality control of the workforce, as well as offer copies to the employee.

Always have a copy of the employee training tracker document on hand when doing appraisals of employee performance or promotion reviews. This will aid the personnel to have ready access to what the employee can do, what training they have and how they can improve their performance with the company.

Doing employee reviews can be streamlined and made easier when the employee has undergone necessary training and when they are ready and competent to move on in the company. Training trackers also aid in keeping up with how to better the production output of the company and gain a greater competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Download: Employee Training Tracker

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