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The Microsoft Energy Calculator

Bills are one of life’s most predictable things, and the energy bill is perhaps the most predictable of all. Whether someone wants to save money, be more ecologically friendly, or a little bit of both the first thing he or she will need is an energy calculator. What’s better if someone downloads our simple energy calculator then it comes with no strings attached!

Using the Microsoft Energy Calculator

Our calculator is a simple Microsoft Excel sheet. To get it, all one has to do is download it from the link we provide and save it to a computer (laptop, desktop, mobile device; any machine that supports Microsoft Excel will do). Once the spreadsheet has been saves open it up and click “Save As,” then give it an easily memorable name like “2733 February Energy.”

Once the sheet has been named, the next step is to fill in all of the data that the sheet asks for. It will have spaces for the size of the home, the kinds of habits you have, etc. Much of the information one needs may be found on the monthly utility bill.

There’s no need to do any of the math either; the sheet comes pre-programmed to calculate all of those numbers for the user. Once the sheet’s been filled out in its entirety it will provide an estimation of how much energy one uses, and thus provide an idea of what kind of costs a property will incur.

About the Microsoft Energy Calculator

Our energy calculator is good, but it’s not flawless; there are always details that can impact energy use one way or another. Local fluctuations in energy costs, homes that have some green energy generation attached to them, or unusual building methods can all have unforeseen circumstances when it comes to energy use. For that reason our energy calculator provides an estimation as to the use and cost. While it won’t be accurate down to the last dime, it’s still a solid tool that can provide workable numbers for those looking to make real changes in their finances and lifestyles.

Download: Energy Calculator

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