Entry Level Resume Template

Free entry level resume template

In order to get any type of job you must first have a résumé that highlights your skills, education and experience. In fact, your résumé is typically the first impression a hiring manager or employer has of you, so really make it count. There are many resumes that are specifically designed to target certain industries, but they are not completely necessary. This Entry Level Resume Template is free to download, completely customizable and is easy-to-use. The basic resume template will give you the boost you need to start a career that you will love.

How to use the Entry Level Resume Template

  • First, simply download the Entry Level Resume Template that is located on this page and open in a Word document.
  • Second, it is time for you to customize the information in the Entry Level Resume Template. Begin to highlight your previous skills, work history and experience, and any academic or technical education which you have received.
  • Third, print a copy or two of your résumé to have as a hard copy. It is also a good idea to save this template to your computer for future use. Most of the time you will be required to email your résumé to a potential employer to always keep it updated and on hand.

Tips for Using the Entry Level Resume Template

  • First, try not to leave any gaps in your work history. If you do have gaps try to provide a reasonable explanation as to why there is such a big gap between jobs. This really isn’t a big deal, but can create questions for the hiring manager or employer.
  • Second, try to always keep your résumé updated. This can be especially important in certain fields, such as, the medical field. Keeping up-to-date with classes and examinations will give the appearance of professionalism and dedication to your job.
  • Third, always provide a way for the hiring manager or employer to contact you. If your résumé is multiple pages, it is a good rule of thumb to at least put your full name, email address, and phone number in the upper left or right hand corner of every page.

Making a résumé that will wow employers and score you a great job is not that difficult. It really just boils down to how you set up your information. Give accurate, honest information in a simple manner and find yourself in a down pour of job offers in no time at all.

Download: Entry Level Resume Template

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