European Travel Checklist

Free European Travel Checklist

A travel planning checklist that takes everything into account can simply your pre-trip process immensely. Knowing that destinations and lodging plans are set, that you know the right clothes to bring for the time of year, and that all the necessary traveling forms and documents are in order allows you and your family to concentrate on the fun you’re going to have on your vacation. Downloading our European Travel Checklist and making it available in a central location can help your family stay up-to-date on tasks to accomplish before your trip.

Our free template is customizable and includes sections for multiple destinations, transportation plans, lodging details, currency and exchange rates, packing lists, and emergency and travel contacts. whether you use it as a simple checklist in the days before the trip, or as a planning document, download it now to ensure that your vacation remains smooth and worry-free.

How to Use the European Travel Checklist Excel Template

To obtain our free template click the download link. A spreadsheet program that is Microsoft compatible is great for customizing the checklist before printing the European Travel Checklist, or notes can be added in after printing. By saving the template as a file, you could share it digitally to your fellow travelers, or have it available as a clean template to help plan your next vacation.

Tips for Using the European Travel Checklist Excel Template

  • Discuss the plans with all travelers as soon as possible. Having full participation in decisions about potential destinations, lodging choices, and travel arrangements saves frustration and headaches for everyone later on.
  • Once your destinations are chosen, do your research to learn what travel documents are needed and plan to have them ready-to-go several weeks before your departure date. Pencil in your “Obtain By” date in the margin and then pen over it with “Done!” when the finalized paperwork is in your possession.
  • Research any medication policies in the countries to which you are traveling. Be sure to include on your travel checklist the contact information for your primary healthcare provider(s) and your insurance company, and staple to it a detailed list of your prescriptions.
  • Leave a photocopy of your finished checklist with your house or pet sitter so they can reach you in case there is an emergency back home.

When your European Travel Checklist is complete, your travels will be worry-free!

Download: European Travel Checklist

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