Event Budget Template

Event Budget Template

You’re finally an adult, which means your events have gone from frat parties to real events with glassware and food that isn’t jello shots. This also means that you need to do a lot of budgeting to pull off a successful event. The Event Budget Template is the perfect Excel sheet to coordinate all of your expenses and planning for any event.

How to use the Event Budget Excel Template

After downloading the Excel template, you’ll see the first page labeled “Dashboard”. Besides entering the [Event Name] up top, there is no need to mess with this page now. Instead, tab down to the bottom and choose “Expenses”.

Here you have multiple categories covering most any event cost. You only need to fill in the sections that apply to your event. The “estimated” column is for how much you think something will cost as you are initially creating your budget. Once the purchase is made, the “actual” column can be filled in and everything will be totaled at the bottom. At the top, once everything is filled in, you’ll see the total amount of estimated expenses, and the actual amount everything costs.

Next, switch over to the “Income” tab at the bottom. This is where you will factor in items such as ticket income, item sales, and vendor payments. Again, put in your estimated income and then when an income is solidified, enter it into the “Actual” column. The totals will be calculated for you and the summary will be displayed up top as it was on the previous page.

Tab back at the bottom to “Dashboard” and the summaries, along with piece graphs and bar graphs will show the results of all your data. You’re finished – and ready for your event!

Tips on using the Event Budget Template

  • Enter all of your estimations far ahead of the event. Don’t enter the actual expenses and income until you are 100% sure, or it will throw off your entire budget.
  • If you are on a planning committee, use this completed form as a presentation to the rest of your group.
  • Take advantage of the multiple open areas to enter in any unexpected costs or income.

Download the Event Budget Template


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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