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FREE Event Budget Template

One of the most important aspects of event planning is budgeting. Not only must one account for the total expenditures, but in requesting funding either from the company or a sponsor, it is necessary to prove the expenses and the fact that they are reasonable. Doing this requires knowledge of all the things that may be needed, and breaking them down into the different categories. Forgetting an item or category can be devastating.

A free event budget template is available that will help to account for everything without the chance of forgetting anything. This event planning budget template is entirely free and is in Excel format, which makes it customizable to your individual requirements. It can be used for any event imaginable just by adding items that the individual event requires. The excel event budget template is very easily downloaded. Just click on the download button, accept the terms and conditions, and you have your own copy.

How to Customize Your Excel Event Budget Template

Customization is simple. There are just a few simple steps to make it your own, to fit any event you may be planning. These steps include:

  • Add categories as needed by just typing them in a blank space.
  • Delete any categories not needed by highlighting them and deleting.
  • Change the figures shown by highlighting and changing, or adding them to blank spaces.

Adding categories makes the event budget template fulfill your needs. It can be used for any number of events just by changing the information as above.

Hints for Using Your Event Planning Budget Template

Hints for using your event planning budget template involve thoroughness. Hints include:

  • Be sure to check and double check that you have not omitted any line item that you may need .
  • Don’t forget to put the name of your event in the title.
  • If you are unsure of reasonable costs do an online search for similar budgets.
  • Check with records for past events to find reasonable costs, remembering to allow for increases.

Having an accurate event budget is very important not only for estimating cost/return, but also is necessary when requesting funding from others. This Excel event budget template is an excellent resource for making that estimate of expenses.

Download the Event Budget Template from Microsoft Office: Event Budget Template

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