Event Camping Checklist

The event of the season is coming and whether it’s a concert or a 3-day party in the desert, you need to be prepared for what awaits. The Event Camping Checklist template can help you plan for your event in advance to make sure you enjoy your time there. The simple design of this template is structured just like that of your average checklist sheet. The idea here is for you to go through this document and customize it to your specific event and print it out. If you’re going to the beach you can include towels. Burning Man? No problem. You’ll enter some sunscreen so you don’t end up just like him. Download this free template now to start your journey.

How to Use the Event Camping Checklist

Once you have successfully downloaded the free template to your computer, you will examine the examples and change any of them to fit your needs.

The template has four different columns in which to organize the items you bring along with you. The first column is for listing the essentials of your trip and the Camping Checklist provides you with some pretty good examples. To change any of the pre-written text, simply click the cell and write something new.

The second column is to organize your food. You need to stay hydrated and keep your energy levels high for these types of events so planning your meals ahead of time will do you a lot of good.
If you’re not a fan of sleeping under the stars and on top of rocks, you might want to pack some equipment as well. In column C, you can list sleeping bags, tents, portable stoves, etc. to make your experience more comfortable and fun.

The last column is where you can list the best websites or stores to purchase items you don’t have and buy them later.

When you’re packing, simply go down your list and as you pack an item mark it off with a checkmark.

Don’t get burned by forgetting your sunscreen or miss a moment because you forgot your camera, download the free Camping Checklist now.

Download: Event Camping Checklist

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