Event Ticket Template

The Event Ticket Template can get you professional looking tickets for your show easily and quickly. You can download the file here on this page and customize it to work with your next big event. Read the following to get step by step instructions on using the template and then a few tips that can make it even more flexible.

How to Use the Event Ticket Template

After you download the Event Ticket Template you can open the file. If you have software that is compatible with Publisher 2003 it will open successfully and show you the basis of your ticket. At the top, where the document has Microsoft, you should enter the name of the company or school that is holding the event. Below that you have an area that you can place the Event Name. In smaller lettering, below that, there is an area that you can add a short description of the event.

In the middle of the document there is an area for both the Date and the Time of the event in question. Under those two bits of information is a place to add directions, leave a contact number, and, at the very bottom, put the sponsor or advertiser’s name. The right side of the document has a second area for the ticket stub where you can again put in information about your company name, event name, time, and, in addition, a place for the fee. Below that is an area that you can put any other information you like as well.

Tips on Using the Event Ticket Template

In the bottom left of the document is an area you can add a logo or other image to the ticket. More pictures can be added as well. A background color or picture can really bring these things to life. Remember to use a text color that you can read easily on top of whatever background you decide to add. Print one out for every seat in the house and you are good to go.

The Event Ticket Template available on this page is easy to use and you will be sold out in no time. You will find the download below and be customizing it in no time. In as little as 5 or 10 minutes, you could have them all ready to be sold.

Download: Event Ticket Template

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