Eviction Notice Form

Owning property and renting it out can be a fulfilling business for many individuals. Unfortunately, with all careers there are always tough situations that one has to overcome. For many landlords this means there may come a time when one must evict a tenant. This can be a difficult and stressful task. A small way to reduce this stress is by using the free and downloadable Eviction Notice Form.

Of course if the problem is a small one, it is usually best to try and resolve the situation by communicating with the tenant. Evictions usually takes time. If communicating with the tenant to resolve a minor issue is not possible, then notifying tenants of eviction will become necessary.

Fortunately, there is an Eviction Notice Form already designed and ready to go. This form is easy to use, it is customizable and it is downloadable right here. By using a template that is ready to go, it is one small step in the direction to remedy the situation.

How to Use the Eviction Notice Form

  • First, fill in personal information. This includes first and last name, address and phone number.
  • Second, fill in the personal information of the tenant. This includes first and last name, address and phone number.
  • Third, be sure to list the case number and the ejection date.
  • Finally, be sure to mention the correction needed to take place if the tenant does not wish to be evicted. This is important because it is the easiest, quickest and most profitable way to fix this situation for a landlord.

An eviction can be an extremely time consuming process. Although state laws vary, tenants do usually have 30 to 60 days to fix the situation that prompted eviction. By using the Eviction Notice Form a landlord will have documents on hand in case it is needed in a court. Once the situation is finally underway, a landlord can look forward to returning to the more enjoyable and profitable side of business.

Download: Eviction Notice Form

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