Eviction Notice Template

As a property owner, there are times when you might have problems with tenants that do not pay their rent. This is a cause for concern if they continue to not pay, and can mean a breach in the lease they signed. It may then become necessary for them to leave the premises. Sometimes this may be difficult if they refuse, and may give you no other alternative but to file for an eviction. You can download and use the eviction notice template on this page for free. It is easy to customize with landlord and tenant information. Compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 or later.

How to Use the Eviction Notice Template

  • Download the eviction notice template to your computer, and save it to any folder of your choice or direct to the desktop.
  • Open the template file to start editing it with the information according to your needs. You can replace the default text with your own details.
  • You can enter the landlord’s name and address, as well as the tenant’s name, address, and phone number.
  • If a court case number has been registered you can enter that information on the notice. You will need it to present the form to the sheriff in order to be assisted with the eviction process.
  • The notice includes information for the tenant to consider if they decide to pay before the eviction, and also has warnings they must become aware of if they do not. Edit any wording that you’d like to change.

Tips for Using the Eviction Notice Template

  • You should visit the court house in your area to assure all the information you entered on the eviction notice template is complete, and can be used legally in your state.
  • A visit to the sheriff’s office is recommended since they need to become aware of your situation. They can offer you further advice in protecting your property, and avoiding problems with the tenant.
  • Once completed you can give the notice in person or post it on the premises where they will see it.

Create your own notices to non-paying tenants at anytime with the easy-to-use eviction notice template. Download it for free today.

Download: Eviction Notice Template

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