Excel Bill Of Lading Template

excel bill of lading template

Whether you’re sending or receiving a shipment, a bill of lading is an important means of making sure the correct goods arrived at their destination. Simplify your shipping process with this Excel Bill Of Lading Template.

Using the Excel Bill of Lading Template

This bill of lading is extremely versatile and can be used for any shipment. The template provides room for many specifics about the goods being shipped, such as serial numbers and description. You can also customize the bill of lading with your company logo and contact information, for a more professional appearance. With this Excel bill of lading template, you’ll find that shipping is easier and simpler than ever. As your business grows, accurate recordkeeping becomes increasingly more important, and this bill of lading will help you keep track of all shipments, whether sent or received.

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Download: Excel Bill Of Lading Template

excel bill of lading template

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