Excel Checkbook Register

Keeping track of money can be difficult to say the least, particularly in check form. Certainly a ledger can be kept in the checkbook in question, but the ledger is easy to forget, difficult to sort through, and can overall simply be a hassle to use. So the alternative? Use an Excel checkbook register template to provide a clean, easily sorted register of all checks written, easily re-organized by amount, date, or check number, and even gives the balance of all entered checks automatically.

The Excel checkbook register offers a convenient, easy-to-use method of keeping finances in order in a way that’s much simpler and more practical than the classic ledger format, presenting the same information, in a more accessible, versatile fashion.

How to Use the Excel Checkbook Register Template

After downloading the free template from this page and opening it, fill in the data for the individual fields that are given, including a check number, a brief description of the transaction, and whether the check was a credit or debit, the fields are optional, with the exception of the credit and debit fields, as they contribute to the formula that gives the running balance on the far right side.

Additional Tips on Using the Excel Checkbook Register

The interface is fully customizable, and readily available for download, so feel free to make it your own, colors and patterns can be used with the template to make it easier to read or simply more pleasant to look at, and using the sort function can present the information organized in any fashion that is desired. It’s also wise to save the information in backups in case of data loss, and save them with a file name that reflects the period of time or the check range that is covered in the file, for easier sorting and saving into whatever filing system that is most convenient.

Everyone needs to keep track of their money, use the Excel Checkbook Register template to make it easier, and make the end result more useful and more readily available in the future when it’s actually needed.

Download: Excel Checkbook Register

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