Excel Len Formula

Excel Len Formula

Learn the Excel Len formula with this easy example guide. With the Len formula you can retrieve the number of characters in a cell or cell range. This is a good tool to use when you are sorting through large amounts of data in Excel spreadsheets.

Download the example worksheet to begin learning the Len function.

Open the worksheet in Excel and you will see a column of names, a column of email addresses, and a final column to use your len formula in. The D column will contain the number of characters from an email address. To start, select cell D4 and enter:


This tells excel to pull the number of characters from cell C4. The result will be “13”. You could do this over a range of cells if you wanted to.

You don’t need to enter the formula into every cell to get the results for each email address. Grab the corner of cell D4 and drag it down the rest of the D column. The formula will automatically apply itself to it’s C column counterpart and retrieve the number of characters in that cell.

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